what is real food?

Real food is butter, liver, bone broth, eggs, meat, fish, veggies, fruit, meat, sprouted grains, and anything unprocessed. I am currently doing the GAPs diet to stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “what is real food?

  1. Do you have any objections to sprouts with alfalfa in them. Sally fallen says they re the only thing you should not sprout yet so many spout mixes cone with alfalfa in them!

    • I too like sprouts and i occasionally buy the alfalfa kind or the mixes. The alfalfa sprouts contain canavanine, which is a protective chemical on the sprout. This can cause disruptions with your metabolism, so much so that pigs wont go near their feed if it has too much canavanine in it- it is toxic to animals. Though humans can’t sense or taste this “toxin”. It can also cause your immune system to be supressed. I think you would probobly have to eat alot of alfalfa sprouts to have canavanine affect you. Just be careful not to over do it !- i try to grow my own with a sprouter jar and some broccoli and radish seeds which are much more nutritius and just as yummy! hope that helps

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